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Odoo your Restaurant Management?

Beyond exceptional cuisine and service, a successful restaurant requires efficient management. Odoo ERP introduces a dedicated approach through its Point of Sale (POS) module, initially designed for retail operations.As a leading Odoo Gold partner, DigitalVizta specializes in configuring the Odoo POS module to cater specifically to your restaurant and bar operations. Trust us for a tailored solution to streamline your restaurant management.

Restaurant Management Software

Odoo, with its impeccable design and finely crafted development, ensures the smooth and hurdle-free management of your restaurant or bar operations.


We Provide

Point Of Sale

A fully integrated solution for retail and front desk counter management tailored specifically for restaurants and bars within a dedicated operational module.

We Provide

Effective Product Procurement

Efficiently source ingredients from multiple suppliers and streamline operations using dedicated tools.

We Provide

Accounting Module

Manage all aspects of bills payment, invoicing, and financial operations with the Odoo accounting module.

We Provide

Quality Control

Gain comprehensive operational control over your quality management processes through the well-defined quality control management module.

We Provide

Inventory management

Handle raw materials and oversee product movement throughout the manufacturing process.

We Provide

Sale Management

Odoo facilitates diverse sales modes, including retail, eCommerce, and wholesale, for your manufactured products.

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