Odoo Pricing

At DigitalVizta, we always recommend reaching out to our dedicated Odoo team to discuss your unique business requirements. Our team members will be happy to provide you with an accurate cost estimate tailored to your specific needs. It's important to note that costs may vary depending on the country you're operating.

Discover The New Odoo Pricing

Odoo ERP is an open-source software solution that's fully customizable, integrated, and all-encompassing. With hundreds of professionally designed business applications, it caters to businesses of all shapes and sizes, providing a comprehensive solution for all your operational needs. Exciting news! With the release of version 16, Odoo has revamped its pricing structure, offering an incredible deal. Now, for a single price, you gain access to over 70 applications and modules! This new pricing model is particularly beneficial for small-scale businesses, making Odoo even more accessible and convenient for all.

Enterprise License

Odoo offers two editions: the community edition, which is free but has limited functionality, and the enterprise edition, which requires a license fee. The enterprise edition provides advanced features to efficiently manage your company's operations. The pricing for the enterprise edition is based on the number of users you have, which is particularly useful for companies with multiple users needing access. Interestingly, there's no charge for portal users, but their functionalities are restricted, and they only have access to specific data. It's worth noting that pricing may vary depending on the country where your business operates.

Discover The New Odoo Pricing

You know, Odoo’s pricing structure varies depending on where you’re located and the demographics of your business. They’ve really shaken things up with their new pricing model, offering some fantastic deals and perks for users across the board. Let me break it down for you into three main categories:

  • One App
  • Standard
  • Custom

One App

First up, there’s the “One App” plan. This is a great starting point because you get to pick any one application from Odoo’s range for free, and you can have unlimited users! It’s perfect for getting a feel for what Odoo can do for your business without committing to a full suite of apps right away. Plus, if the app you choose relies on others, you get those related modules too, all for free.


Then, there’s the “Standard” plan. This one’s for businesses looking for a comprehensive solution. With a fixed price per user, you get access to all of Odoo’s applications, making your organization more efficient and powerful. The cost varies depending on where you are, but it’s a pretty sweet deal considering all the functionality you get.


And finally, there’s the “Custom” plan. This is for those really serious about tailoring Odoo to their specific needs. It’s higher priced than the Standard plan but offers more flexibility, especially for companies operating across multiple entities or needing extensive customization. With this plan, you can really make Odoo your own, whether it’s through Odoo.sh, on-premise installations, or third-party integrations.
What’s neat is that no matter which plan you go for, you get access to over 70 apps and modules for a single price, which is pretty awesome. And of course, the pricing varies depending on where you’re based, so you’ll need to check out the specifics for your region.

Odoo Hosting

When it comes to hosting the enterprise applications in Odoo, you’ve got three main options:

  • Odoo Online
  • Odoo.sh (Dedicated cloud)
  • On-premises ( with your own footings)

What are Odoo Online, Odoo.sh, and On-premise?

When it comes to Odoo pricing, it’s not just about the features you choose—it also depends on how you host the platform. There are three main hosting options: cloud-based (like Odoo Online), on-premises, and on Odoo.sh. Let’s break down each one.

Odoo Online

Odoo Online is like having your own slice of the cloud, thanks to SaaS (Software as a Service). It’s a service offered by Odoo where you get to enjoy the full power of the enterprise edition, all neatly packaged in the cloud. The best part? It’s super simple to use. You don’t have to worry about technical glitches or server maintenance—that’s all taken care of by Odoo. They’ve got your back 24/7, with constant monitoring, quick bug fixes, and top-notch security measures.
And here’s the cherry on top: your data is in safe hands. Odoo Online backs up your databases and stores them on multiple machines across different continents. Plus, you can easily access your backups from the last three months through the nifty database control center.
Now, Odoo Online might not be the best fit for big businesses craving customization, but for small-scale setups, it’s a dream. Everything runs smoothly with Odoo’s default features, no headaches about server setup or migration—Odoo handles it all, leaving you to focus on growing your business hassle-free.


Think of Odoo.sh as your ultimate Odoo playground in the cloud, designed specifically for Odoo users. It’s like the VIP section of Odoo, built with the enterprise model in mind. Here, Odoo takes care of the server side of things, offering two options: shared servers for smaller outfits with under 50 users, and dedicated servers for those with more specific needs. The pricing for shared servers is pretty transparent and can be found on the Odoo.sh website, based on factors like users, storage, hosting type, and staging environment.
Compared to Odoo Online, Odoo.sh is a step up. It’s more advanced and flexible, giving you more room to customize and tailor Odoo to your exact needs. While Odoo Online keeps things simple with default modules, Odoo.sh lets you install custom modules and tweak things to your heart’s content.
With Odoo.sh, you’re not just getting a platform—you’re getting a toolkit for success. You can test your developments with ease, play around with different features, and even beta test new ideas before rolling them out to your clients.
And the best part? Odoo.sh plays nice with GitHub, making it a breeze to manage your projects and collaborate with your team. You can merge, clone, and fork projects with ease, all while keeping your data safe and secure.
In short, Odoo.sh is where the magic happens. It’s flexible, powerful, and designed to help you take your business to the next level, all with just a few clicks.


When it comes to on-premise hosting, you’ve got a couple of options: you can either use a third-party external server or set up your own local server. The choice depends on whether you’re looking for worldwide accessibility or a more localized setup.
Now, with on-premise hosting, the ball’s in your court. You’re in charge of server maintenance and operation costs, but the upside is there are no limits to customization or add-ons from Odoo. You’re free to make the platform your own.
Setting up Odoo enterprise on-premise is a bit like being your own IT wizard. You’re responsible for all the technical nitty-gritty, which is crucial for the long-term success and cost-effectiveness of your software installation. If you decide to work with a third-party provider, just make sure you’re crystal clear on what’s included in your contract and any extra costs involved.
But here’s the kicker: with Odoo on-premise, you have total control. You can use any application certified by a third-party vendor or even build your own from scratch. It’s like having the keys to the kingdom, giving you the freedom to tailor Odoo exactly to your needs.

Odoo Implementation Cost

You're in good hands with Odoo partners—these folks are the real experts recognized and endorsed by Odoo themselves. With a software as vast as Odoo, boasting over 40,000 modules, getting everything set up just right is crucial for smooth operations. That's where these partners come in handy—they know the ins and outs of Odoo and can configure everything to fit your company like a glove. During the implementation process, all your important data—like your chart of accounts, product info, customer details, and more—gets imported into Odoo, ensuring a seamless transition. But here's the thing: using Odoo effectively after implementation can be a bit tricky, especially if you're not familiar with the platform. Without the right know-how, you might find yourself running into errors or getting stuck. Now, when it comes to cost, Odoo implementation includes everything from installation charges to getting the platform up and running in your company, plus any training you might need to get the hang of things. It's always a good idea to work with Odoo's top-tier partners—those labeled as the golden partners. They're the cream of the crop, with the expertise and experience to make your Odoo journey a breeze.

Support & Maintenance

Running an ERP system smoothly isn't a one-person job—it takes a village of developers and technicians working behind the scenes to keep things ticking along nicely. And that's where the support and maintenance aspect of Odoo pricing comes into play. Picture this: you're knee-deep in your ERP platform, trying to get things done, when suddenly, bam! You hit a snag. Maybe there's an error you can't quite figure out, or you accidentally mess something up. That's where having certified Odoo partners and developers on your side becomes a lifesaver. They're the ones who can swoop in and save the day, getting your platform back up and running smoothly in no time. Having an Odoo partner by your side means you've got someone to lean on every step of the way. They'll be there to provide continuous support whenever you need it, ensuring your operations run like a well-oiled machine. And if disaster strikes? Don't worry—they've got your back, ready to jump in and handle any maintenance issues that crop up.


Customization is hands down one of the coolest features of Odoo. It's like having a tailor-made suit for your company's operations—everything fits just right. The price tag for customization depends on what tweaks and add-ons you need to make Odoo work seamlessly with your business. It's all about tailoring Odoo to fit your exact needs, so the pricing revolves around what extra bits and bobs you require. The great thing is, you don't have to tackle customization alone. Odoo-certified partners are there to lend a hand. These folks are like wizards with Odoo, equipped to handle any customization challenge that comes their way. And if you're lucky enough to work with one of Odoo's golden partners, well, you're in for a treat. They're the cream of the crop—experts in Odoo implementation and customization, ready to make your business dreams a reality.


Think of Odoo migration as giving your business a software makeover. With each new version of Odoo comes shiny new features and updates designed to make your operations even smoother. Naturally, companies want to stay up-to-date, so they'll need to migrate their Odoo platform to the latest version. Now, migration isn't just a walk in the park—it's included in the Odoo pricing, but there are a few things to consider. While Odoo takes care of updating the default applications and modules for free, the pricing comes into play when you need additional applications and add-ons tailored to your company's specific needs. Plus, transferring data from the previous version adds another layer to the migration process, which can impact the overall cost. But hey, look on the bright side—once the migration is done, your business will be running on the latest and greatest version of Odoo, ready to take on whatever challenges come your way!.