Odoo Success Pack


$ 900
25 Hours

$ 1700
50 Hours

$ 3200
100 Hours

$ 6000
200 Hours

What is Odoo Success Pack?

The Odoo Success Pack is a holistic service package tailored to maximize the benefits of Odoo implementation. From user onboarding to development, customizations, and integrations to technical support and maintenance, it covers all aspects. This pack ensures a successful Odoo launch with optimized business processes for maximum efficiency. Businesses gain access to a team of Odoo experts for customization and optimization, guaranteeing a smooth implementation.Unlock the full potential of your Odoo software and business with the comprehensive services provided by the Success Pack. It equips you with the essentials for a quick start and tools to enhance business operations, taking your company to the next level.The Success Packs offer premium services with dedicated functional and techno-functional consultants. A success coach guides you through implementation, analyzing your professional requirements, and customizing Odoo applications accordingly. This personalized approach ensures your Odoo applications align with your specific needs.


Analysis involves a thorough examination of the customer's existing systems, processes, and objectives. This assessment enables us to understand their needs and goals, allowing us to craft a tailored Odoo solution to meet those requirements.


After completing the analysis, we commence the Odoo solution implementation phase. This encompasses software customization and integration with existing systems to ensure a seamless deployment.


With a successful implementation, the optimization phase begins to achieve maximum performance. This involves rigorous testing, troubleshooting, and continuous support to ensure seamless functionality.

Features Include

Streamlined Implementation

Support and Customization

Integration With Other Systems

Continuous Improvement


The Odoo Success Pack encompasses a broad array of services, comprising:

Designing and implementing a tailored Odoo ERP system aligned with your business requirements.
Guiding you through the entire implementation process.
Providing user support for seamless utilization of the Odoo ERP system.
Customizing Odoo to cater to your specific needs.
Integrating Odoo with existing systems and external applications.
Implementing automated processes like workflows and reporting.
Offering dedicated customer support to ensure your ongoing success.
The Odoo Success Pack features an implementation strategy, outlining a step-by-step plan to swiftly and efficiently launch your Odoo ERP system. It also includes comprehensive training for your team, ensuring they grasp the system’s full potential. Additionally, the Success Pack provides ongoing support and maintenance, offering peace of mind for any issues that may arise with your Odoo ERP system.