Odoo ERP

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An exclusive solution for educational institution management


Education Institution Management

Schools, colleges, and other institutions face challenges in managing numerous students and staff members. Odoo provides a comprehensive and customizable educational institution management solution tailored to your specific operational needs.


With Odoo you can define complete and unique educational institution management solutions which can be crafted as per your operational requirement.

We Provide

Complete staff management

The HR management modules in Odoo facilitate seamless operations from recruitment to employee payments, incorporating user-friendly tools for enhanced efficiency.

We Provide

Attendance monitoring

The specialized attendance management module in Odoo can be tailored for efficient monitoring of student attendance.

We Provide

Complete Maintenance Management

Efficiently manage financial aspects, including assets and liabilities, with the dedicated accounting module.

We Provide

Quality Control

Gain comprehensive operational control over your quality management processes through the well-defined quality control management module.

We Provide

Inventory management

Handle raw materials and oversee product movement throughout the manufacturing process.

We Provide

Sale Management

Odoo facilitates diverse sales modes, including retail, eCommerce, and wholesale, for your manufactured products.

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