Odoo ERP Customization

Odoo is vast, and customization can be likened to a intricate heart surgery. Trust in global experts for seamless solutions.

Odoo Customization

Tailoring your enterprise application to align with your unique preferences is crucial. Customization ensures a personalized experience, catering specifically to your requirements and ideas. While Odoo offers a comprehensive package to meet enterprise needs, we understand that clients often have additional expectations. At Digital Vizta, we excel in delivering top-notch customization services, empowering customers to fully leverage their applications and attain their business objectives. Our expert technical team, following Odoo’s modular approach, is dedicated to assisting you in achieving all your desired functionalities.


Odoo Customization Process

Odoo to suit your unique business needs involves a meticulous customization process

GAP Analysis

We plan a meeting with you and our tech team to understand your needs and requirements better

Feasibility Study

A feasibility study to ensure requested Odoo modifications enhance performance without compromising functionalities


We'll provide you with an estimate of the cost, duration, and implementation details during our discussion


We'll conduct thorough multiple integrated and unit testing to assess and ensure the reliability of the system


We'll build the platform tailored to your specific needs and requirements, adhering to the highest standards in the process


Once the modules are finalized and rigorously tested, we'll promptly deliver them to you

Our Odoo Support Includes

Experience comprehensive Odoo support with our top-tier developers. From impeccable coding to complete project management, we’ve got you covered.

  • High-Quality Coding Standards
  • Well Established Infrastructure
  • Complete Managing Authority
  • Non-Disclosure Agreement On Request

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Offering comprehensive Odoo customization solutions for holistic business management and organization. We conduct in-depth business analysis, delving into the grassroots of workflows and requirements. Digital Vizta excels in Odoo services, encompassing installation, customized module implementation, and post-implementation support

  • By addressing both short-term and long-term objectives, providing essential functionality, and meticulously tending to business requirements and workflows during the implementation. Our focus is on ensuring that the customizations align perfectly with your business needs and functionality.

  • It all starts with a thorough Requirement Analysis, delving into current business workflows and identifying limitations. Gap Analysis then bridges the gap between current inefficiencies and future enhancements. At Cybrosys, we tailor modules to meet specific needs based on these analyses.

  • As an official Odoo partner, Digital Vizta offers heightened reliability. Specializing exclusively in Odoo Consultancy, Implementation, Customization, and Training, Digital Vizta boasts authorized signatories with access to the Enterprise Edition source code, ensuring swift resolutions to issues.

  • The higher cost of Odoo partners stems from their commitment to delivering quality services, essential for long-term business success. Their expertise is reflected in the training and certification they hold in Odoo, contributing to their higher rates. In the context of a sustained and successful business journey, the investment in Odoo partners proves to be highly reasonable.

  • Well, it varies based on the apps you choose and the number of users. Just head over to the Odoo Pricing page, where you can easily check out the costs. Pick the specific apps you need and adjust the number of users accordingly. It's a straightforward process to tailor the pricing to your exact requirement.
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